Office 365: work is even easier with Outlook

OutlookOffice 365 is a tool that you can use anywhere, from any device. The capabilities of the service enhance work efficiency. We would like to present some of the functions and keyboard shortcuts that facilitate work with the Outlook application for easy message, calendar and contact management.

A Box In Order

Easy use of Outlook results from properly organised message boxes. To organise folders according to your needs and priorities simply drag and drop them in the appropriate place. Do you want messages from a given sender to appear in one folder? That’s easy. The only thing you have to do is create an appropriate inbox rule (choose Manage Rules & Alerts from the File tab). Additionally, Clutter can help you organise your e-mail box by sorting the most important messages from those of smaller importance. Clutter uses a machine learning algorithm and the Office Graph API to analyse preferences and the work style of a given user.

Easy Archiving and Deleted Elements Recovery

The latest version of Outlook offers a quick message archiving function with the use of only one button. The archived messages are still available and easy to find with the use of the search field. The latest version of the software enhances the recovery of deleted elements (those not stored in the Deleted Items folder). The deleted item recovery tool should also come in handy.

@mentions and Focused

Outlook includes other functions – @mentions and the Focused box. @mentions enables a quick way of finding users with the @ symbol before the name. Messages that use this method are appropriately distinguished so that emails where a given user is directly addressed will not go unnoticed. Focused is an intelligent inbox with an incoming message filter.

Outlook Mentions

Keyboard Shortcuts

Outlook is even easier to work with thanks to shortcuts. People who use Outlook on a daily basis are probably familiar with some of them. Here are a few shortcuts that help save time. Using them enables the user to quickly create and send messages or meeting invitations.


Basic navigation

Basic Navigation







Outlook has become a professional and functional tool that enhances workflow and facilitates efficiency. As it can be installed on computers and mobile devices, the application allows the user to stay up to date at all times.

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