Ubiquiti EdgePower: Maximum Power for an EdgePoint System

edgepowerMeet EdgePower. This solution is a reliable power source for EdgePoint EP-R8 and EP-S16 models and dedicated PoE devices.

Ubiquiti project is distinguished by a universal modular design. The device is equipped with two PSU bays. One AC-DC 54 V, 150 W module is included. The other bay uses optional AC-DC or DC-DC.


To acquire additional or redundant power we recommend the use of two modules with joint 300 W output power or using one module as a hot spare (safety mechanism) with 150 W power with automatic backup.


An intuitive configuration interface makes the power solution management quick and simple. The device can be connected to LAN to enable remote monitoring and configuration.

A high quality power cable is also included as an additional advantage. The device provides reliable power to EdgePoint devices. It includes 12 AWG (American Wire Gauge) copper wires which work in all weather conditions and are fire resistant.


We encourage you to contact our team, which will gladly acquaint you with the Ubiquiti product range and help you choose the appropriate model (tel.: +44 (0) 20 3666 5800, email: networking@senetic.co.uk). In order to provide the highest quality of services, our specialists incessantly develop their skills, which is confirmed by certifications which you can check on our website. We are looking forward to assisting you with your queries.



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