OneNote – an always available digital notebook

Creating and sharing notes, cloud storage, shared work – these are some of the functions of OneNote. This fully functional tool is, however, often underestimated. We’d like to present the capabilities of OneNote.

OneNote is a digital notebook distinguished by an intuitive interface that you can take with you wherever you go. The application offers many options, including a feature to sort your notes, save time and work in cooperation with friends in real time. Integration with OneDrive makes the notes available from any place and device.

Basic OneNote features:

  • creating new notebooks
  • creating notes in the web browser
  • adding links
  • inserting pictures and videos
  • adding pages
  • creating tables
  • saving notes
  • sharing notes online
  • cooperation

OneNote enables the user to sort notes, give them priorities as well as to use many notebooks at the same time. The notes can be created by using the keyboard or drawing any shapes, just as you would do on a normal piece of paper with a pen. You can select a place on the map or locations worth visiting without the use of the mouse. Hand written notes can be changed into printed text. OneNote also enables quick web searching and webpage clipping creation. All these features help to visualise one’s ideas. By using tags and sections (e.g. home, work, school), users can immediately find the necessary note without wasting time on arduous document searching on the hard drive. OneNote enables cooperation with anyone – co-workers, members of the family or friends. The application gives the option to track and synchronise changes from any place and device. What’s more, all changes are automatically saved.

Even More Possibilities

Microsoft is incessantly working on delivering even better solutions. OneNote can read hand writing and is able to solve mathematical equations. It can also recreate the process of creating a drawing. The OneNote web clipper has also been modified to enable saving webpages as tabs, selecting only parts of text or images and saving them as separate notes. The desktop version of OneNote has been changed as well. Users are now able to attach pdf or docx documents directly.

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