Ubiquiti IS 5AC, IS M5 and LBE 5AC Gen2 now available at Senetic!

We have extended our range with more Ubiquiti products. IS‑5AC and IS‑M5 solutions have been added to the IsoStation AC series, and LBE‑5AC‑Gen2 has increased the choice of LiteBeam AC solutions. Check out their capabilities!

Innovative base stations and replaceable antennas come in two models, each offering high network performance. The solution uses a technology that isolates communication between devices. The IsoStation AC version provides a throughput range up to 450 Mbps, while IsoStation M5 provides 100+ Mbps.

The modular design facilitates more effective beam filtering to reduce interferences. Devices perform well in dense environments where RF signals of the same or similar frequency are present.

LiteBeam AC is an exceptionally light CPE airMAX ac solution with an extensive range and an affordable price. The model comes with enhanced ESD protection and reliable fastening systems. It ensures 23 dBi gain for long-distance connections. It requires no tools to implement, taking just a few seconds.

Even more new solutions!

New Ubiquiti solutions coming soon! If you have any questions, contact our experts.


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