Data safety in Office 365

Safety is a key issue for every company. With Office 365 you can rest assured that your data is fully protected, with the automatic creation of multiple backups simultaneously and the use of cutting-edge mechanisms to ensure effective protection.

High Office 365 protection assures service reliability, meaning your files, data or contacts remain fully protected.

The automatic creation of up to 6 backups is a feature to help protect users against data loss as a result of a hardware failure, theft or some other emergency.

The built-in Office 365 functions protect data against malware, phishing or spam, and provide safe data access even when working away from your office.  Office 365 functions assure data safety with simultaneous confidentiality, allowing users to assign file read and edit rights. Each user individually determines who is allowed to view and edit a given document. Anyone buying the service is also provided with a financial warranty of Office 365 trouble-free operation.

See our service plans and what we can offer you related to implementations, migrations and training. If you have any questions regarding Office 365, contact our Microsoft cloud solution team (phone: +44 (0) 20 3666 5820, email: office365@senetic.co.uk).

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