How to choose the best monitor for your business? Tips

Monitor-do-pracyMany people do not pay much attention to their selection of monitors. However, an appropriate device has a huge impact on the comfort of work, for example. Many hours are spent in front of the screen every day, and therefore the design of the device should allow the user to work long hours without causing any discomfort, such as eye strain. What else should you consider when choosing monitors for business?

First of all, ergonomics

Office monitors should be primarily characterised by ergonomic design. They must be comfortable during use. An ergonomic monitor means, among other things, a height-adjustable screen. A useful feature is also the ability to rotate the screen by 90 degrees to the vertical position. Monitor setting in the so-called portrait position is convenient when working with text, for example. A monitor for business should also have features such as screen setting at a right angle and a rotating base. The use of ergonomic solutions allows you to provide flexibility when setting the desired position of the monitor. This position is convenient for graphic designers, but also for people who work with office suites.

Size and resolution

The ease of work is influenced by the size of the monitor, so this feature should also be considered when choosing the right equipment for your business. The optimal solution is a device with a screen size of 22 inches. The size of the monitor depends mainly on the type of work for which it will be utilised. However, the larger the screen is, the more convenient it is to operate and the more interface elements it can fit. Monitors over 30 inches are suitable primarily for professional use. The monitor size is related to its resolution – the choice depends on the screen size and its aspect ratio. The most popular monitors have an aspect ratio of 16:9 in Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

Matte or glossy display?

In addition to the ergonomics, size and resolution of your monitor, the ease of use is also affected by the type of display – glossy or matte. It all depends on the conditions in which the work is performed. Monitors with a matte display are more efficient in places more exposed to light. Most importantly, the reflected sunlight will not cause eye strain, and better readability will be ensured. This issue should also be considered when choosing monitors for business. Actually, business monitors are usually equipped with a matte display.

Protection for eyes

Many hours spent every day in front of the screen has a negative effect on your eyes. This is why monitors used at work should prevent quick eye strain. The cause may be screen flickering, which also happens in LCD monitors, contrary to common opinion. Modern monitors, such as LG brand, have a feature that reduces flickering. Another factor affecting eye strain is the blue light emitted by monitors. ViewSonic monitors are examples of products equipped with blue light filters. Monitors with a function to adjust the device to the conditions prevailing in the room, which also protects the eyes, are also available in the market.

Energy-efficient monitors in your business

Another feature of monitors suitable for business should be energy efficiency. Equipment using new technologies is focused on energy-efficiency. You should know that if a monitor consumes about 20 W of electricity, then it can be considered a very energy-efficient device. The purchase of energy-efficient monitors, for example, the iiyama brand, for business can lower costs. It is also an environmentally friendly solution.

One, two or more?

To facilitate work with a computer, you should equip it with an additional monitor. A second monitor provides faster and more efficient operation. An additional surface for displaying data may make it easier to move between files, messages or software. The search for necessary information may be shortened to a considerable degree. As it turns out, using two monitors is a very useful solution; for example, one screen can be used as a web browser window, while the second one displays a spreadsheet. The increased efficiency resulting from the use of two monitors is confirmed by studies conducted by researchers at the University of Utah. A larger workspace allows you to work with multiple applications at the same time and also provides a larger field of view. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider equipping every workstation in the company with two monitors.

Brief summary

When deciding to purchase the right monitor for your business, you should select devices that will ensure ease of use, which can affect performance. Other factors should also be taken into consideration, such as energy efficiency and the use of new technologies to facilitate and improve work, and also to reduce the risks associated with the negative impact of long working hours in front of the monitor on eyesight. Many hours spent in front of the screen should not cause eye strain.

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