Visual studio, now even better! Why is the subscription model a good idea?

Visual Studio is an integrated programming environment by Microsoft, used by experts to develop software for consoles. Apps can be written for platforms such as Windows, Silverlight and Xbox. Senetic experts explain why it is a good idea to choose the subscription model.

Lots of new features, and even more improvements

The original version of the environment was released in 1995. Many things have changed since then. The latest version of Visual Studio was released on 7 March 2017. Its most important features include extended support for new functions of the C# and Visual Basic 15 programming languages. It also boasts a new installation environment, better code navigation, a redesigned homepage and support for the EditorConfig command. Its newest functionality, Visual Studio Live Share, allows developers to collaborate remotely on projects, which speeds up bug detection and makes presenting changes easier. Every participant can edit the code and watch what others are doing. To begin collaborating, you only need to invite others on Slack or Skype.

Subscription model – what to choose?

Just as with other Microsoft products, users of Visual Studio can choose the method of payment that suits them best. The subscription model offers a better price and flexibility, allowing you to be more flexible when responding to changing needs, e.g. by being able to change the number of licences on the fly. Additionally, when launching and configuring the product, you can count on expert support. The easy-to-use interface enables you to manage users and grant them available licences.

In addition to choosing the form in which you want to use Visual Studio, you should also consider the type of subscription. The yearly variant is perfect for those who need constant access to the up-to-date Visual Studio IDE and the entire MSDN package, which helps speed up the software development process. The monthly subscription is perfect for everyone who needs an up-to date version of Visual Studio IDE, but is not interested in long-term obligations because they do not use the software every day.

Yearly subscription offers even more

If you choose the yearly subscription, you gain more. You gain access to the MSDN package, which makes developing software much more efficient. You also gain from USD 50 up to USD 150 for Microsoft Azure services. The longer subscription also grants you access to Xamarin University, Windows, Windows Server, Windows Embedded and Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, you can participate in training sessions on Microsoft Cloud offered by Pluralsight and Opsgility, as well as many others.

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