Project Online – all tasks always under control

Efficient task management is key for smooth teamwork. Efficient project organisation is simple with Microsoft Project Online! This solution facilitates coordination of the task processes, reduces risk factors and enhances intuitiveness of the operations. 

Project Online is available in three versions: Essentials, Professional and Premium. The role of each user within a group and their needs should be taken into account when selecting the optimum plan. The versions differ in terms of functionalities and costs.  

If a group member does not create projects, but instead focuses on reporting progress in assigned tasks and tracking changes, the simplest plan, i.e. Project Online Essentials (additional module for project team members), is the optimum solution. 

Project Online Essentials 

  • task updates 
  • schedule creation 
  • team cooperation 
  • SharePoint task synchronisation 

Group members with project creation rights (project managers) are going to be more interested in Project Online Premium or Professional. Within these plans, the users are allowed to download and install the Project app locally on a device. 

Project Online Professional 

  • Project Online Essentials functions 
  • full Project app 
  • schedules 
  • reports and analyses 

Project Online Premium 

  • Project Online Essentials functions 
  • project portfolios 
  • needs management 
  • resource planning 

The preview of the aggregated data assessing employee status, for example, is a useful Project Online Premium function. It enables project managers to check whether more tasks can be assigned to a given employee, on an ongoing basis. 


To learn more about the Project Online solution, visit https://office365.senetic.co.uk/. Our specialists can recommend the most suitable solution. Contact them at +44 (0) 20 3666 5820 and office365@senetic.co.uk. 

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