Microsoft 365 – More than Office, more than you think

During a Microsoft Inspire conference in Washington several months ago, the company released information about its introduction of a new solution – Microsoft 365. The suite combines features of Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility+Security. We have previously emphasized that this is a new perspective on security that will enable companies to face their challenges. Currently, having benefited from several months’ worth of work learning about and using Microsoft 365, we must admit that the suite surpassed our expectations.

Microsoft 365 was created to streamline contemporary business and provide complex security. This means that companies are protected even when, for example, their employees use company documents on a private device – they are unable to copy or transfer these to unauthorized individuals. There is more to it, however.

Microsoft 365 Features

This solution allows for realisation of projects, connection with and cooperation with individuals within the organisation and outside of it. It enables work from anywhere and on favoured devices. It protects data and devices using easy-to-use tools that are always up to date. It combines a variety of services into a single spot, thereby simplifying management and allowing the focus to be concentrated on critical action – business development. The solution comes available with the Business and Enterprise versions. The former will work best in small and medium-size companies and we will focus on it, listing at least some of the available features.

Tools that increase efficiency and cooperation – this group contains, among others, the well known Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access. There are also communication tools, such as Exchange, OneDrive, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams or SharePoint as well as helpful business applications such as Bookings or Outlook Customer Manager.

Device management and corporate-class security – this group encompasses mobile application security, management of Windows 10 devices, protection of company data on various devices and a constantly active and up-to-date Windows Defender, among others.

Simplified device implementation and configuration – the third group enables the utilisation of a single administrators’ console to configure and manage users and devices. Additionally, it allows for an automatic installation and subsequent updates of Office suite applications on Windows 10 computers. It also streamlines the implementation of computers that run on the Windows AutoPilot system.

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