Teltonika’s Gold Partner Summit 2018: new routers and IoT

At its 20th anniversary celebration conference in Vilnius, Lithuanian hardware manufacturer and Senetic’s partner Teltonika announced the upcoming solutions and innovative technologies. The company points to IoT as the priority for further development.

At the Gold Partner Summit conference in Vilnius, the producer announced new routers: RUTX10, RUTX11, RUTX21, RUTX22 and RUTXR1. The models offer improved processors, dual band Wi-Fi, AC standard and full N standard availability, gigabyte ports and the larger number of card slots (in the RUTX22 model offers as many as 4!), with reduced power consumption.

In 20 years of market presence Teltonika has repeatedly proven its offer to match the standards represented by world class players. Currently, the company runs branches in Canada, the UAE, Chile and India, with a new plant soon to be open in Lithuania.

The company’s mission is to develop and innovate, which they have realized by mass producing over 100 models of IoT, connected vehicles or tracking devices and delivering over 7 million items to customers from 150 countries. Their focus is on educating its partners and fostering deep business relationships with them. For Senetic, this approach provides yet another area of intensive development, and for you, it guarantees top class quality and professional support.

Teltonika’s latest releases will soon be available at our on-line store, but if you have any questions now, feel free to call our experts at +48 32 420 92 40 or write at info@senetic.co.uk. Stay tuned!

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