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Whether through unintentional deletion of files, or by malicious software, or some device malfunction, losing all computer data is an aggravating experience. That is why protecting them and considering creating a backup is always a good idea as it will definitely facilitate the process of recovering valuable files.  

Backup creation: only proven solutions count  

Whether you are a power user, or just starting, the Veritas Backup Exec series enable building a company backup system that is fully tailored to your business needs. The software is a modern and reliable solution that is worth investing in to enjoy data security in every situation.  

Two-step approach to increasing data security

The Server Edition license, otherwise known as the Backup Exec core, allows protecting a single Windows server and managing backups of the whole company with a single dashboard. 

Everything can be implemented in just two steps, described below:

Step 1 – Purchase the basic Server Edition license

Step 2 – Choose the necessary agent tailored to the needs of your company

The tree agents to choose from are:

  • Agent for VMware and Hyper-V – On-Premise 

This agent allows protecting the unlimited number of virtual machines.

  • Agent for Windows Server – On-Premise 

This agent, running on Windows Server, provides protection of a local or remote physical server.

  • Agent for App and Database – On-Premise 

The best protection of applications and databases available, along with support, integration and protection of program data. Can be used for both the physical and virtual environment.

You can see how easy it is at our website

Senetic helps you make the best choice  

If you need support in choosing the agent that best meets the needs of your company, our consultants will be happy to help you. Contact us anytime. We are here for you to help you make the best choice and enjoy the selected solution to the maximum.

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