End of life for Windows 7 is announced. What about the users?

The iconic Windows 7 will soon be cut off from technical support. What awaits the users of one of the most popular operating systems? „The old version of Windows is now 9 years old and after January 14, 2020 will pose a considerable risk that antivirus programs won’t handle. It’s time to switch to a new system,” advises Jacek Kotynia, Senetic’s Software Manager. Check out the caveats!

Jacek Kotynia, Software Business Unit Manager w Senetic.How did these changes come about?

Jacek Kotynia: The lifetime of major versions of Microsoft software is estimated at a maximum of 10 years. In the case of Windows 7 the deadline is January 14, 2020, except for the support for some versions and specially purchased packages for clients of global enterprises.

What does this mean for the user?

JK: Switching from Windows 7 to 10 means, above all, a higher level of security for users. An up-to-date software provides security patches so that the user and their documents are completely secure. Antivirus programs won’t be able to cope with the risk of using the old version of the system any more.

What will change?

JK: Soon all new applications that we use every day, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Exchange, will work only under Windows 10. In practice, settling with the office, reading an email, editing a text file, opening an Excel sheet or creating a presentation will require a new version of the software. In addition, applications written by third parties – programs or games – are now mostly adapted to Windows 10.

What will it look like in practice?

JK: The transition to Windows 10 requires reinstallation of the entire system. With the purchase, the user gains access to updates and can rest assured about the security of their data. Every month Microsoft releases a package of patches and improvements, and twice a year introduces major changes, improving the comfort of use.

What about the costs?

JK: Windows 7 users had the opportunity to switch to version 8 or 8.1 for free some time ago. With Windows 10 it will be different. There are two options: first, if the user also intends to exchange equipment, it will come with pre-installed Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro, which, thanks to Active Directory, Bitlocker or biometrics, will be especially useful in companies. In a situation where the user doesn’t replace the equipment, the transition to the new system costs approx. PLN 400. Microsoft 365 Business users can count on a free system upgrade of all older devices with a Windows Pro license.

Is there a life after Windows 10?

JK: Most probably, the next versions of the system won’t be created under the same conditions. There will be no Windows 11, 12 or 13. They will be replaced by updates, according to the global trend, which focuses first and foremost on safety. That is why ensuring a new version of the system is critical.

Learn all about the full offer of the latest version of Windows can be found at senetic.co.uk.


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