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Since day one, Teltonika has focused on leveraging state-of-the-art technologies that definitely make work in diverse environments simpler. The offer of the Lithuanian manufacturer has two new and functional arrivals: routers RUT240 and RUT850. Read more information about their possibilities.


Advanced technology and reliability

The emphasis on wireless technology fuels the equipment users’ demand for efficiency, reliability and above all, user-friendliness. Such solutions are becoming more and more popular. Teltonika’s offer includes advanced and functional devices that use LTE or 3G technology, including routers and GPS trackers. The compact RUT240 and RUT850 routers both share reliability when it comes to working in diverse environments.

Superb connectivity

Both devices provide a quick start and configuration. Their WiFi connectivity is highly reliable, and renowned for high quality of LTE and 3G connections. Watch our unboxing, demonstrating the devices and their parameters in detail.

RUT240 Perfect for small and large enterprises, as well as the energy industry and services.

Unboxing: Teltonika Router RUT240



Very well suited for longer car journeys, when internet access is essential. Various devices can be connected to the router, to enable watching films, playing games, or browsing the web. An intuitive platform makes managing the RUT850 very convenient.

Unboxing: Teltonika Router RUT850 


Teltonika’s solutions in our offer

A wide range of the manufacturer’s solutions is available on our website . Feel welcome to contact us and learn more about other innovative solutions.

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