IT trends for 2019: the cloud is still on the rise

Conclusions from the market research company IDC leave no doubt as to the course for small and medium businesses for the year 2019: go digital, or go home. But what exactly is a company to do? Read our nutshell overview.

One needs no special insight to notice that the digitized economy is here to stay. Regardless of the ocassional global turmoil, the degree of digitalization is bound to keep growing, both market- and organization-wise. Obviously SME’s can’t afford not to tap into the trend. Take a peek into the report ‘IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2019 Predictions’, to leverage the latest trends.

Plug in to the digital ecosystem

According to IDC, by 2022, 60%+ of global GDP will be digitized, with growth in every industry driven by digitally enhanced offerings, operations, and relationships and almost $7 trillion in IT-related spending in 2019 – 2022. According to IDC, to thrive, organizations of all sizes need to build „digital native” IT environments. 90% of them will do just that, spending an estimated 75% of their IT budget on interdependent IT ecosystem, which IDC calls 3rd Platform technologies.

Going smarter with every step

According to IDC’s experts, the way organizations operate to deliver products and services will steer still more towards sophisticated solutions. The trend toward an increasingly optimized/specialized IT environment, AI-enabled user interfaces and process automation is clear. According to IDC by 2022, over 40% of organizations’ cloud deployments will include edge computing and 25% of endpoint devices and systems will execute AI algorithms. The borderline date of 2022-23 is also expected to see 500 million new logical apps created, equal to the number built over the past 40 years, and 35% of all production apps will be cloud native.

The cloud grows and consolidates

According to IDC, the cloud market will gravitate towards greater concentration in the upcoming years. The foreseen counter-trend will be embracing integrated hybrid/multicloud tools and strategies. According to IDC’s experts, an integrated multicloud management strategy will become a core capability over the next three years. Its absence will result in suboptimal resource utilization, limited access to best-available technology innovations, longer problem identification and resolution cycle times, and limited vendor leverage.

How to go cloud?

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