Building a VPN made easy with USG Pro 4: read our latest e-book

In the age of remote work, hackers have a heyday targeting businesses using open WiFi. Read our expert e-book to learn all the how-to’s of securing your server connection with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Ubiquiti’s USG Pro 4 router.

Online privacy and security can be a critical issue for business, not only in terms of protecting tangible assets, but also when it comes to intellectual property owned by organizations. The increasing scope of external threats to data stored on company servers is also becoming more complex, with attacks targeted at specific companies or people.

Company data are extremely vulnerable especially when the connection with the server is made using an unsecured network, e.g. via a WiFi in a café or other public place. And with the increasing popularity of remote work, setting a “data tunnel” with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a convenient, yet cost-effective way to secure remote access to your company network.

Safe data transfer between users and companies

VPN is a set of protocols that allows users from outside the network to access local resources. The mechanism is very useful as it allows to secure company resources within the network, while making them available to members at all times. Protocols vary in terms of security and complexity of settings, but in general, they come in two different types: site-to-site (STS) – used to connect two different locations, client-to-site (CTS) – used to connect user(s) to the network.

A smart solution to easily build a VPN

Both types of connections are easily built and managed using an enterprise-class router – UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4, commonly known as USG Pro-4. The router has earned quite an interest, especially of medium-sized companies due to its powerful firewall and easy configuration. The router is dedicated to centralizing the management and supervision over all devices in the company. Apart from a VPN, USG Pro-4 offers routing, firewall, VLANs creation, a VPN server, deep packet inspection (DPI) and a DHCP server.

The device has a dual-core 1 GHz processor, MISP64 type, with hardware acceleration of packet processing, 2GB DDR3 RAM memory, 4GB of internal memory, 2 LAN RJ45 ports and 2 WAN RJ45/SFP ports. The device’s parameters allow it to process 2.4 million 64-byte packets per second and reach a bandwidth of 4 GB per second for packets exceeding 512 bytes. The equipment was enclosed in a 1U robust aluminum rack housing.

Along with the hardware, the manufacturer provides free software for device management. WebGUI allows for intuitive and simple configuration in just few steps.

To learn more, read our latest e-book: “VPN connections with Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Pro”, which describes how to configure a UniFi Controller and adopt UniFi Security Gateway Pro, how to configure the device as a RADIUS server, and how to build a Site-to-Site VPN configuration.

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