How to choose a home-use access point: top tips from Senetic experts

Our experts will be happy to share their knowledge of the solutions that are best for your environment.There is hardly a day without questions from our clients regarding network solutions, and recently, access points. This guide series addresses at least some of the doubts and questions, and introduces more details. Find out why it is a smart thing to consider equipment dedicated to a specific environment, what to focus on, and see our bestsellers.

Let’s start with home-use solutions. In the next part, we will present our suggestions for small and medium enterprises, as well as larger spaces. The selection is based on our experience and your needs. If you have any suggestions, additions to our list, or simply can’t decide and want to talk to our expert, feel free to drop us a comment!

Ensuring a stable signal in an entire house or flat might be a challenge. Wireless connection is affected even by the type of building material. The signal is quite often attenuated by walls. Also, more and more devices use WiFi, which adds an increasing load to networks and channels. Expanding the home network using access points definitely involves less problems and proves much more appealing than using cables. When choosing a specific solution, it is worth taking into consideration e.g. the strength and coverage of the signal, configuration and management methods, available frequencies and the guest network option. Among the most popular manufacturers of home-use access points are Ubiquiti, MikroTik, Ruckus and ZyxelWe will demonstrate a collection of models, starting with the most common challenges..


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