One-stop-shop formula for satisfied O365 subscribers 

Global Microsoft reseller Senetic developed a proprietary Microsoft service management hub for their O365, Cloud and Azure subscribers. This end-to-end solution not only streamlines customer service but also supports cost optimization, increasing subscriber retention.

The ever-increasing number of O365 subscribers has prompted Microsoft resellers to using state-of-the-art solutions. In today’s economy, handling orders efficiently is a must have, if the provider is serious about retaining subscribers long-term.

With this concept in mind, global IT solutions provider Senetic has built a dedicated subscription management portal, to provide customers with a modern Microsoft service management center.

At the end of 2019, Senetic had 5,135 CSP customers and 111,600 seats, worth over USD 1M. By the end of 2020 we expect to reach least 200,000 seats, said Lukasz Bojar, Vice President of Senetic. Senetic is all about IT solutions that improve the quality of day-to-day work. Our Senetic Portal reflects our policy, as with lots of seats, we need to constantly strive for automation and improvement, commented Mr. Bojar.

The future of customer service

Senetic Portal allows subscribers to access all information regarding their O365, Cloud and Azure subscriptions in one place. They can see their current status, order new licenses and renew subscriptions, as well as reach out for technical support, basic and additional.

For Cloud and Azure subscribers, self-service is especially important. Senetic Portal allows them an overview of the real costs of consumption, and turning their subscriptions on and off independently as needed. Thus, their overall IT infrastructure expense level is significantly improved.

More than reseller

With over 130 000 active users, Senetic Portal is a 100% free CSP operating in over 150 countries. In the future, the company plans to launch new features, such as consumption notifications and threshold alerts.

The portal is yet another initiative by Senetic to cater to the needs of their customers. Recently, the company has launched a comprehensive training course on Office 365 as part of the Senetic Academy platform.

We are constantly working on improving multiple functionalities available in Senetic Portal. New possibilities of managing subscription licenses such as Windows Server or SQL will be introduced soon – emphasizes Daniel Kaczmarczyk, Cloud & Software Director.

Great prices, professional support

Office 365 is a fundamental element of everyday work in modern companies all around the world. Senetic offers not only a full range of service plans, but also professional support of always-available technical experts and engineers.

If you want to learn more about Senetic Portal, contact our specialists at 020 3666 5800, or microsoft@senetic.co.uk.

See our website: https://www.senetic.co.uk/

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