Router vs Access Point – differences and applications

router and access point

A permanent Internet connection in a house or flat is currently one of the basic elements of equipment. Nowadays, home wireless networks are essentially to be taken for granted. The only thing to consider is the way in which they are installed in the place where you live. The effectiveness of this type of network is guaranteed by various types of devices, including a router and an Access Point.

Have you ever wondered what the actual differences between the two are? If so, you will find the answer to this question below. Read on to find out the difference between a router and an Acces Point and how they are used in a home wireless network.

WiFi router – what is it?

The beginnings of the Internet in our homes were quite difficult – the modem only supported one device connected to it, and the connection itself was not always as fast as we would expect The solution to this problem appeared with the introduction of routers into general use. The main task of this type of device is to distribute the Internet signal among many devices connected to the network. Therefore, it can be said that it acts as a communication node, and this process is called routing.

Access Point – what is it?

An Access Point is a device whose main task is to connect a wireless network (WLAN) with a wired network (LAN). In addition, an Access Point allows hosts (wireless stations) to access the computer network using radio frequencies. So, as you can easily see, this device must be able to exchange data with a wired network. This is possible thanks to the built-in network interface. So how does an Access Point work? In a nutshell: it allows you to extend your LAN so that more devices can be connected to it.

Router and Access Point – differences

A router and an Access Point are two completely different devices. The former allows household members to use the wireless Internet. The condition is that the device wishing to connect to the network must be within its range. An Access Point, on the other hand, also uses the signal coming from a router, but its task is to amplify and carry the received signal further.

So how do you use both devices in your house/apartment? If you have a wireless network, you are probably using a properly configured router. However, if your WiFi network is not strong enough throughout your home, or you want to extend its range, it is necessary to install an additional access point, i.e. Access Point. This is particularly advisable in multi-level houses or large flats, where placing a router in a central location is not a sufficient solution.

It is worth remembering that some routers have a function whereby they can be converted into Access Points. However, this does not work the other way round, i.e. an access point will never be able to act as a router.

In the above article, we have outlined the differences between a router and an Access Point. If you have any questions on this subject or need help selecting and implementing the above solutions, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced experts will be happy to advise and help.

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