Windows Day – learn some interesting facts!

Windows Day

24 August is World Windows Day. Why this date? It was on this day in 1995 that Microsoft officially launched Windows 95. Unanimously, we can say that Windows is the most popular operating system, and almost every computer user has had the opportunity to work on it.

Ever wondered if the place from the iconic Windows background exists and who actually composed the boot sound? Here are the answers to these and a few other questions about Windows and Microsoft itself.

The most popular background of Windows XP

One of the most popular versions of the system released by Microsoft is undoubtedly Windows XP, which made its debut on 25 October 2001. Most users associate it with a distinctive desktop background depicting a green hill and blue sky. The place does indeed exist. The background is none other than a photograph taken by American photographer Charles O’Rear bought out by Microsoft. Today, the place looks a little different – there is a large vineyard there.

Windows 95 start-up sound

Composer and musician Brian Eno was engaged to create the Windows 95 start-up sound. His task was to compose a sound with specific parameters – it could be no longer than 3 and ¼ seconds, and its sound had to be universal enough for the user to remember it, but at the same time not be annoyed every time the computer was booted up.

Windows Day – why the name?

In 1983, Microsoft announced that it was working on a new product, whose working name was Interface Manager. However, it turned out that the name Windows was more appropriate – referring to the ability to open several programs at once and present each of them in a new window. The first versions of the system were called by numbers, but after a while Microsoft started adding the year of release to the name. So why the name Windows XP? The abbreviation was supposed to stand for 'experience’. Windows Vista, on the other hand, stood for „outlook”.

Undoubtedly, Windows is one of Microsoft’s flagship products. However, it is worth remembering that Microsoft is not only Windows, but also office improvement software, online services and security systems. Want to learn more about the full portfolio of Microsoft solutions? Be sure to take a look here: https://microsoft365.senetic.co.uk/.

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