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Do you like playing computer games? Or are you involved in gaming professionally? Then we are glad that you have come to this place. We have prepared a comprehensive guide, where you can find out which gaming monitor will be suitable for everyday gaming and what parameters you should take into account when buying this kind of equipment. We will also suggest a few models that are worth looking at. Ready? Here we go!

Do you know what type of player you are?

When choosing a gaming screen, you should consider slightly different parameters than when choosing, for example, a monitor for the office or for working at home. Before you start comparing different gaming monitors, we recommend considering what type of gamer you are. The simplest division, in our opinion, includes the groups of professional gamers, hobby gamers and occasional gamers. Depending on which group you fall into, other parameters will matter to you.

E-sports gamers are the ones who want to perform at the highest level, and the hardware itself is one of the elements that guarantee an advantage over their opponents. Graphics in games are of little importance here. Hobby gamers, on the other hand, are completely different. For them, every detail counts and the game itself has to provide, among other things, an aesthetic experience. The last group is the occasional gamer, for whom none of the above parameters will be of much importance. What counts for them is the fun of playing together with friends, and in this case the monitor should not hamper this activity.

Refresh rate and matrix response time of a gaming monitor

What exactly is the refresh rate of a monitor? This parameter allows you to determine the number of frames displayed on the monitor per second. Example: if this parameter is 60Hz, it means that the screen displays 60 images per second. The higher this parameter is, the more frames, including intermediate frames, you are able to see. As a result, you get a clear image in motion and gain the ability to control the game more precisely. This is particularly important for FPS games, or so-called „shooters”.

The optimum frequency, when it comes to gaming monitors, should guarantee the smoothest and most detailed image possible. This, in turn, enables the player to react quickly and thus achieve high gaming performance. This parameter should in this case be no less than 144 HZ. A maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz will also be a satisfactory value. The best gaming monitors on the market, on the other hand, reach a frequency of up to 240 frames per second.

Matrix response time

The response time of a gaming monitor matrix is closely related to the refresh rate discussed above. This parameter informs how fast the pixels will be able to display successive frames of the image. This also applies to elements such as the colour change of the image. So if the refresh rate parameter is 60Hz, this means that the matrix response time is 16.7 ms.
The simplest way to measure the matrix response time used by manufacturers is to measure the transition time from black to white and vice versa. However, when it comes to gaming monitors, the most common measurement is MPRT, which is based on the time it takes for a pixel to be visible – the slower the response time, the more frequent the motion blur that impedes gaming. So what kind of response time will be optimal when it comes to a gaming monitor? For a fully comfortable gaming experience, this parameter should be around 5 ms. However, it is worth mentioning that the best gaming monitors achieve a response time as low as 1 ms.

Gaming monitor and resolution

When choosing a gaming monitor, you should also consider its size and resolution. Both of these parameters are closely related. Too low a resolution on a large monitor affects the sharpness of the image, as it translates into low pixel density. One of the most popular solutions in this respect today are Full HD monitors with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. For this type of model, the optimum screen size should be up to 27 inches and the aspect ratio should be within 16:9. When it comes to larger diagonals or aspect ratios of the monitor, it is worth betting on a 1440p resolution.

When considering which gaming monitor to choose, you should take into account the power of your computer. If you decide on equipment with too high a resolution and the graphics card is not powerful enough, the game will look much worse than on monitors with a lower resolution, and the image itself will be blurred. It is worth noting here that only the most powerful, and therefore currently some of the most expensive graphics cards, allow you to achieve satisfactory gaming quality at 1440p and 2160p resolutions. Therefore, if you care about gaming comfort and good image quality, a resolution of min. 1080p.

Does the matrix of a gaming monitor matter?

The parameter you should take into account when choosing a matrix in a gaming monitor is its response time, already discussed above. However, in order to fully enjoy the quality of the gaming experience, it is important to „fine-tune” other elements as well.

There are several types of matrix available on the market today. The first of these is the TN matrix, characterised by very low response times and attractive prices. However, it is worth bearing in mind that in this case you will have to deal with imperfect colour reproduction and a narrow viewing angle. In this respect, a gaming monitor with an IPS matrix will perform better. It is characterised by above-average colour reproduction and wide viewing angles, which significantly improves the quality and comfort of gaming. Its downside is a slightly higher response time, which in turn may be noticeable when playing dynamic games. MVA matrices, which combine the advantages of the previous two, are becoming increasingly popular. If you value a unique gaming atmosphere and place a premium on aesthetic experience, such matrices will certainly work for you. They guarantee very high contrast and the ability to display very deep blacks.

Curved gaming monitor – is it worth it?

Curved displays are now firmly established in the hardware market. They have already gained both supporters and opponents. What does this look like when it comes to choosing a gaming monitor? The reason for this type of solution is the possibility of a more realistic visual experience during games. Thanks to the gentle slope of the side edges, perspective and aspect ratio distortions are eliminated and the viewing angle is much wider. In turn, good quality backlighting allows you to see more detail, which is particularly important in certain types of games.

A curved gaming monitor will not be suitable for multiplayer games. This is because the curved edges may make it difficult for players sitting on the side to access the screen. It is also worth mentioning that curved gaming monitors are still slightly more expensive than their flat counterparts. In many cases, it is cheaper to buy three flat monitors, which, when properly set up, can provide a very good level of gameplay.

Flocker-Free and blue light reduction

As a gamer, you will no doubt be aware that most computer games can take up to several hours to complete. Therefore, in order to use your monitor comfortably and further protect your eyes, it is worth choosing a gaming monitor with Flicker free technology, i.e. technology that controls the flickering of the screen. With the naked eye, you are not able to notice the flicker frequency, but it has a major impact on eye fatigue and the occurrence of related headaches. Flicker free technology uses current to adjust the brightness of the monitor. It allows individual LEDs to be dimmed, which has a positive effect on the comfort of the gaming monitor.

Blue light reduction

The blue light filter in gaming monitors is designed to eliminate the blue component in the image displayed by LED screens. This results in a more yellow tint, which is much softer on the eyes. This aspect is also important in terms of sleep quality and is therefore crucial when it comes to comfortable and healthy computer use. If you spend long hours gaming, this parameter should definitely be on your 'to check’ list when choosing a gaming monitor.

Gaming monitors – what else to look out for?

The parameters listed above are the basic issues you should take into account when considering which gaming monitor to choose. In addition to the above, ergonomics are also important when comparing different models. Features that may prove useful include the ability to adjust the height and tilt of the screen. The gaming monitors available on the market also often have built-in speakers and cameras, which may prove to be a useful option for some gamers.

The monitor is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a gamer. After all, it is where the whole game takes place. Therefore, it is worth preparing well for the purchase and thoroughly analyse the values of individual parameters. Remember, however, that elements such as the graphics card, on which the quality of the image also depends to a large extent, are not without significance here.

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