Take care of your data and choose the right backup solution!

The world has stood on its head over the last few years and many things have changed, but one thing has definitely not – the need for good data backup. Most still fall short of the most important expectations. IT administrators still spend too much time on backups, at the expense of resources and energy to proactively address the real business challenges holding back growth. Doesn’t this breed genuine frustration?

Let’s look at the figures

Veeam cites research conducted between September and December 2020, in which the independent research company asked 3,000 IT professionals from 28 countries about backup in their companies. The result showed that only 63% of backup tasks were performed on time and without error, and as many as 33% of restore tasks failed. Not good news, is it?

Given the ever-increasing risk of ransomware attacks, the danger of single-vendor dependency, storage capacity or cloud mobility, IT departments need to forge ahead by not one, but several steps.

What, then, would be a key reason to change a backup solution? The most commonly considered issues are:

  • Increased reliability (success rates) of backups
  • Reducing the cost of software and hardware
  • Improving return on investment/reducing cost of ownership
  • Improving SLA on RPO/RTO parameters
  • Reducing operational management complexity (e.g. ease of use)

Choose your backup solution wisely!

What questions to ask yourself when choosing a backup solution:

  • How often do you experience stability issues (errors, job failures, etc.) with your current backup solution?
  • What does your backup storage plan look like for the next three to five years and how will it be affected by increasing data volumes, cloud mobility or security threats?
  • With the increasing data access needs of business departments, are the RTO and RPO values getting better or have they stopped at a certain level?
  • How much time do you spend overseeing backup operations? If it could be halved, how would you use the time saved?
  • What is the financial health of your current or potential backup solution provider?

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