Summary of the conference „EZD RP – a revolution in document management”

The conference 'EZD RP – revolution in document management’ is behind us! We are very pleased that together with our speakers, participants and partners we had the opportunity to traverse the terrain of document management, digital security and innovative technological solutions related to the EZD RP system implemented by Senetic. Welcome to a brief summary of the event.

The opening of the conference by Justyna Materowicz from Senetic set the tone for a day full of inspiring presentations and discussions. Jacek Orłowski from NASK successfully presented the foundations of digital administration, emphasising the importance of electronic document management in public entities.

Tomasz Stojek, Dariusz Matczak and our technical team thoroughly discussed both the business and technical aspects of the EZD RP project, showing how the system is able to speed up administrative processes and increase productivity in companies. It showed how it successfully combined AWS, Fortinet and Veeam technology. It is also important to emphasise the importance of information security, as demonstrated by Dariusz Klimowski, M.Sc. from the CISO Foundation.

Our EZD RP user, Michal Pelczarski, shared his perspective on using the system, and PCG Academia demonstrated the optimal combination of regulatory compliance and flexible management of JST processes.

We also did not forget about network security issues, protection against ransomware and the criminal law aspects of information protection – these topics were covered by Adam Łobodziński from Fortinet, Tomasz Turek from Veeam and Artur Wojciechowski, MA.

Many thanks to all the speakers and participants for their participation, and congratulations to our competition winners! See you at the next conference!

Recordings of the conference „EZD RP – a revolution in records management” will soon be available (in Polish)! In order to receive them, please contact: justyna.materowicz@senetic.com.

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