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Intelligent Meeting Summary is a new feature in Teams Premium, which was released at the end of May this year in the English-language version. It continues the evolution of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence-based tools and their adaptation to modern needs.

According to a Microsoft report, the number of meetings has increased threefold since 20201. This exponential growth shows that collaboration is critical to achieving business goals in organisations and one of the priorities will be to facilitate and optimise it. Employees are overloaded with meetings and often find it difficult to maintain full focus during them. According to the research cited earlier, as many as 55% say the post-meeting agenda is unclear and 56% say it is difficult to summarise what happens in a meeting¹.

Automatically generated meeting notes

Intelligent Summary uses artificial intelligence to automatically provide users with a comprehensive summary of key meeting points. On the new 'Summary’ tab in the Teams calendar and chat service, users will see AI-based information such as automatically generated meeting notes, recommended tasks and personalised highlights to help them quickly find the most important information, even if they miss a meeting.

This feature allows users to focus more on the discussion itself during the meeting, rather than on taking running notes. The AI-generated notes allow users to see key points and conclusions after the meeting and are automatically created and handled by GPT. On top of this, we get a ready-made action plan after the meeting thanks to the automatically suggested tasks generated by the AI.

The AI-generated notes and tasks are not available to EU- and UK-based users when the first version of the programme debuts in May, only in mid-August 2023.

Personalised tags in Teams Premium

Previously, the only option for replaying a meeting was to record it, but finding the time to watch it in its entirety can be a challenge. In the improved version, users are helped by personalised tags that help to smoothly skip to the part that is most relevant. In practice, these are the places where a name is mentioned or a screen is shared.

Speaker timeline markers show who spoke at the meeting, when they spoke and allow users to skip to that moment. These are smart markers, organised by who the user interacts with most often.

The smart summary in Teams will automatically generate meeting chapters that divide the meeting into sections, so you can easily select and skip to the most relevant part. There will also be generated meeting topics that allow users to skip to the point in the meeting where a specific topic was discussed.

Artificial intelligence is developing at an incredible pace to make work easier and relieve us of little creative tasks. Be ready for this revolution and use Teams Premium today!

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  1. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/worklab/work-trend-index/will-ai-fix-work


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