New developments in Microsoft Azure under the banner of artificial intelligence

Microsoft Azure

At this year’s Microsoft Inspire, the manufacturer announced a number of new features that will enhance the Azure cloud environment and open up entirely new possibilities for users. Many of these are based on the revolutionary potential of artificial intelligence, which, in the case of Azure, will make work faster and more efficient. Find out how Microsoft Azure is evolving and how it can grow and accelerate your business.

Modele Meta Llama 2 dostępne na Azure AI 

The Microsoft Azure environment has been enhanced with the revolutionary capabilities of the Llama 2 family of large language models. Llama 2 is an LLM designed to enable developers and organisations to create generative content based on artificial intelligence. By adding Llama 2 to our catalogue of Azure AI models, we are providing a greater choice of model types on which to build projects faster and more efficiently. Customers can easily and securely customise and deploy 7B, 13B and 70B Llama 2 models on the Azure platform.

Migracja i modernizacja platformy Azure oraz Azure Innovate

Microsoft has made an unprecedented increase of up to three times its investment targeting the scale and availability of Azure Migrate and Modernize. The vendor also announced a new $100m dedicated investment to address the incredible demand for artificial intelligence and analytics – Azure Innovate. These solutions are designed to work together to comprehensively support each customer’s needs on the Azure platform. Whether customers are migrating to the cloud for a secure and ready AI-based base to work from, or are ready to create their own AI solutions – they get everything they need in one place.

ESU (Extended Security Updates) activated by Azure A

As the end of support for Windows Server 2012/R2 and SQL Server 2014 approaches, customers can stay protected by upgrading or taking advantage of extended security updates, available for free on the Azure platform. For customers struggling to meet the deadline, Microsoft has announced extended security updates enabled by Azure Arc. With Azure Arc, customers will be able to purchase and seamlessly deploy extended security updates in local or multi-cloud environments directly from the Azure Portal site.

Preview version of the Azure Boost solution

Azure Boost is a new system that offloads virtualisation processes traditionally performed by the hypervisor and host operating system onto next-generation hardware infrastructure. It provides a new level of performance, security and reliability for workloads. The whole idea is to separate the hypervisor and host operating system functions from the host infrastructure. The isolated architecture of the Azure Boost service improves security by running storage and network processes separately on specially designed Azure Boost service hardware, instead of on the host server. In the new version of Azure Boost, these processes will be executed by specially designed hardware and software to provide better network and storage performance at scale. An additional benefit of the Azure Boost service is the reduction in downtime required to complete upgrades to the Azure platform host infrastructure. With the Boost service, it is possible to deliver remote storage bandwidths of up to 10 GB/s and up to 400,000 I/O operations per second, enabling the fastest storage workloads on the market.

Azure in the age of AI

The Azure platform is rapidly expanding its AI-based functionality. Microsoft has announced new capabilities that will strengthen the potential of the entire Azure cloud environment in the near future:

  • Azure Cognitive Search, now available in a familiarisation version, offers pure vector search, hybrid retrieval and advanced re-ranking. It can be used to create generative artificial intelligence applications that combine custom data with large language models, or to power novel semantic search scenarios such as image or audio search.
  • Azure AI Document Intelligence and Azure OpenAI Service work together to power powerful generative AI for document processing functions. With the Document Generative AI solution, documents can be sourced for report summarisation, value extraction, knowledge mining and new document content generation.
  • The Whisper model, coming soon to Azure OpenAI Service and Azure AI Speech, offers the ability to transcribe and translate audio content, as well as create high-quality batch transcriptions at scale.
  • New features in the Azure AI Speech service: Custom Neural Voice, which is now generally available, and Real-time Diarisation in a preview version

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