Huawei Connect 2023 behind us! Enjoy a recap from Senetic!

Huawei Connect 2023

Huawei Connect 2023 is undoubtedly one of the most important industry events in the world. We are proud to have been able to participate this year in a special role – as a Huawei Gold Distribution Partner. Senetic’s representatives, Łukasz Bojar and Marcin Białożyt, used this time to familiarise themselves with the latest technologies offered by Huawei and to introduce other partners to our company’s activities and plans for the near future.

Huawei Connect 2023 – the latest technology at your fingertips

From 20 to 22 September 2023. The eyes of the IT industry were on Shanghai, the venue for one of the largest events in the world. During the three days, around 20,000 Huawei partners visited, including Senetic, which recently gained Huawei Gold Distribution Partner status. Our representatives attended numerous meetings, participated in conferences and learned about the latest technologies promoted by the manufacturer.

We are proud to boast our new partnership status at such an important event as Huawei Connect 2023. It is also a unique opportunity to showcase ourselves to the world and make our presence felt internationally. Senetic has grown tremendously over the last few years, which is confirmed, among other things, by our presence as a Huawei partner at such a prestigious event. Do we have an appetite for more? Of course! We want to reach even higher and we know that this is possible, among other things, thanks to such events and the contacts made during them.

says Łukasz Bojar (Vice President Sales & Marketing Sales at Senetic).

At Huawei Connect 2023, Lukasz gave a talk, during which he briefly outlined how our company operates and talked about the successes we have achieved over the past years. It was also an opportunity to introduce the rest of Huawei’s partners to our development plans for the near future and to share our vision for expanding the sales processes of Huawei solutions internationally.

Senetic and Huawei collaboration – what does the customer gain?

By participating in the event organised by Huawei, we were able to learn even more about the products and technologies offered by the manufacturer, which makes us understand the needs of our customers even better and able to offer them optimally tailored solutions. We are confident that participating in Huawei Connect 2023 will allow us to understand the needs of the market even better and to effectively advocate for them. In particular, by offering innovative and attractively priced Huawei network solutions.

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