Nighthawk X10 and Orbi – Netgear will surprise you. You haven’t seen anything like this before!

NetgearNetgear is an ambitious company. The company has just released two new devices – the Nighthawk X10 Smart, the fastest Wi-Fi router in the world, and the Orbi system, a home Wi-Fi solution which spreads network coverage into every corner.

Nighthawk X10 Smart

While developing the Nighthawk X10, its manufacturer wanted the router to exceed the needs of modern users. This objective has been completed. The solution Netgear Nighthawkgivesan incredibly fluid Wi-Fi stream, which enables the use of virtual reality games and 4K quality film streaming. The implemented 11ad technology is three times as fast as 11ac. When compared to a standard 11ac router with a 1.3 Gb/s speed, the latest Nighthawk device allows for transferring a 3 GB backup in 8 seconds (previously, 24 s), an 8 GB 4K film in 21 seconds (compared to 64 s), a 20 GB VR film in 53 seconds (previously, as much as 120 s). Additionally, this four-core processor router is four times more efficient. Access to the multimedia Plex server enhances the use of resources. Take a peek at senetic.co.uk and learn more.

Netgear OrbiOrbi System

Orbi is another innovative solution from Netgear. It is the first home comprehensive triband Wi-Fi system in the world. It guarantees reliable, safe and instant communication from any corner of the house. The device can cover even 370 square metres and tackle any obstructions such as walls, doors or stairs. Orbi eliminates delays and allows for the full use of a connection. The device is aesthetically designed to blend in any type of environment.

The device is available in several versions. More details at senetic.co.uk.


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